The Cammino d’Abruzzo spans for about 660 km and it develops entirely on the territory of Abruzzo.
The Cammino is a circuit which passes over 70 municipalities and breathtaking landscapes which frame the entire history of Abruzzo.
The pathway crosses hills, mountains and the coast passing through villages and hamlets involving the 4 capital cities which are L'Aquila, Chieti, Teramo and Pescara. The intention is to progressively involve all municipalities of Abruzzo in order to create capillary routes that could reach all villages. The Cammino starts from Pescara (the airport) to the coast and then it develops towards Teramo hinterland, and later on through a wooded path of extraordinary beauty filled of villages, the Vestina area.

The Cammino continues crossing the high hills of “forca di penne” before touching the vast Aquilano territory through paths and the typical “tratturi” routes. The journey will end on the territory of the city of Chieti bringing back the travelers to the suggestive coast, in particular the “Trabocchi Coast”. The journey will definitively end in Pescara city which closes the Cammino circuit. Citizens of Abruzzo welcome all travelers who want to discover a unique territory where the sea and the mountains are so closed that can look at each other. Divided into 33 stages the Cammino can be traveled on foot or by mountain bike. Some routes are also accessibile for people with disabilities through the use of joilette. The Cammino d’Abruzzo is an experience suitable for everyone, freely at the pace you want but always... on the loose!!!


The wonders of an uncontaminated territory