How to prepare the backpack

The backpack must have a maximum capacity of 40 liters. There is no need to bring giant backpacks: first of all because they are not needed, secondly because you may tend to fill it up with useless stuff. Try to keep your backpack as light as possible, your back and legs will thank you later. If you are not decided about bringing or not something, just remember that you're not going to a lost place!


• 3 pants, long and short
• 3 t-shirts – tecnica fabric, dry quickly
• Jacket with long sleeve
• A shirt
• A fleece
• Waterproof and windproof jacket and/or cape
• Technical socks
• Hat - fundamental during summer season
• Underwear
• Sandals - to be used during shower and at the end of the day

Beauty case

• Soap – for body and hair
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Ecological tissues
• Shower towel - microfiber, large and small
• Nail cutters – cured nails reduce pain
• Marseille soap - to wash your cloche every evening
• Clothes spins
• Rope - a couple of meters to let your clothes dry
• Brooch - to hang damp clothes on your back pack


• Sleeping bag - it is always recommended to sleep in your oun sleeping bag
• Trekking sticks - reduce effort by distributing fatigue throughout the body
• Backpack cover - to waterproof the backpack when it rains
• Flashlight- when you leave early in the morning before dawn
• Knife - to cut food
• Backpack bag for personal belongings – to take with you when you leave your backpack at the hotel
• Sunscreen
• Food containers: eat at km 0
• Water bottle and/or water bag - the bag is comfortable because it allows you to drink while walikng

First aid

• Cream - to be spread on your feet every morning before putting on your socks
(prevents blisters)
• Anti-inflammatory ointment - in case of muscle pain
• Anti-inflammatories - in case of persistent pain
• Patches
• Mineral salts – especially during the summer season
• Needle, strand, gauze and blisters disinfectant